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Our Mission

To find the appropriate technical solutions to business problems that will yield the best financial return for a company.


YOUR DATA: Business Analysis, Data Flow, Process Flow, Work Flow, Data Utilization, Data Analysis, Current and Strategic data planning (how to utilize more of your data).

INTERNET, INTRANET, & EXTRANET: Assessment & analysis of current, strategic directions, SEO, Web development & hosting, eBusiness, and much more.

YOUR COMPUTER HARDWARE & NETWORK: Network diagrams, Hardware utilization, Backup and Recovery planning and implementation, Strategic hardware planning.

YOUR COMPUTER SOFTWARE: Software inventory, Assessment of risk related to licenses ?updates ?support (risk assessment), Accounting analysis (includes exposure and SOX), Customer Service, and more.

Company Profile

BTA was started in 1972 in San Ramon, California. The primary focus at that time was industrial automation (using computers and control systems to processes run more efficiently).

In the 1980's, BTA started to focus more on the use of computers in small and medium businesses. This focus has continued on, with the architecting, project management, and implementation of Local Area (LAN) and Wide Area Networks (WAN).

In the 1990's, BTA increased using the Internet, Intranet, and Extranet as a consolidating mechanism for different computer technologies and applications. This is the most active area of work in the 2000's.

Contact Information

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260 Fairview Ct., Petaluma, CA 94952-1627
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