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Here are more details about the Web Services I can provide...

bulletAssessment and Analysis of Current Website(s): Most companies today have an existing website, but few know what it is doing for them. The initial step is to assess the current site(s) and determine what benefit it is providing. Once this is done, you can start planning your next steps.
bulletStrategic Direction: While there may be quick fixes to an existing website, most companies need to think strategically. The strategy almost always is centered around driving more business and increasing income. The objective is to do this for as little money as possible.
bulletSearch Engine Optimization (SEO): While many companies have moved to "pay-for-click" or store fronts hosted by major search engines, the long staying companies have found that a well designed SEO program will provide longer term financial results.
bullet Web Development and Hosting: BTA has been developing and hosting websites since the early 1990s. The primary objective have been: content, speed, navigation, and cost. We use commercial tools for development, maintenance, and hosting, which assures customers that their sites can be supported into the future.
bullet eBusiness and eCommerce: The big rage today is to find multiple income steams, and the internet is an ideal way to do this. Even if you are a service company like BTA, you can find things to sell, especially through affiliate arrangements. BTA will work with you to identify these opportunities and take advantage of them.


Guidelines For Success
BTA established a set of benchmarks that we have tried to achieve for all our clients. Examples include: page loading in less than 3 seconds, one click navigation, selecting to view multimedia, and much more.
Assessment & Analysis
While it is easy to just look at a website and make comments, BTA does much more. We look at the code behind the site to see if it is complementing the company and search engines. We look at the performance and navigation of the site, keeping in mind the people that visit. And we look at the statistics of a site to see where people are going and try to determine why they are going there.
Web Development & Hosting
BTA has developed numerous websites over the last 15+ years, with a focus on Microsoft based servers (IIS). We do have about 15% of our sites hosted on Apache servers. Our server focus has been on: large storage (typically 1G bit or bigger), high bandwidth, support for large number of email addresses, and more.

Reference Accounts

Graphics Oriented
Here are a couple of examples of websites that are more graphically oriented that BTA hosts: and . In both of these sites, the owners elected to have Flash introductions, assuming that higher end users would be viewing the site. They do provide "skip intro" spots if you come in on a slower speed connection.
eCommerce & eBusiness
BTA does host eCommerce sites like or, but we have spent more time working on eBusiness sites. You might ask what the difference is - well - eCommerce actually sells something on the website. eBusiness sells the company and ideally causes the visitor to email, mail, call, or fax the company to buy products or receive services. Sites include: or .
Informational Sites
Our founder, Bob, has also volunteered his time to create informational websites such as (keeping the word alive about the victims from Katrina), (on a Rotary project that takes teams to other countries to help kids with orthodontics problems), and (the Rotary Club that Bob belongs to).

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