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Here are more details about the Data Services I can provide...

bullet Business Analysis: In many cases, understanding your business is the first step to understanding the data you will need to succeed. The more information you can provide, like Mission, Goals & Objectives, Market data, etc, the better.
bullet Data Flow: How do you currently collect data, and in what format. This will be diagrammed out and act as a reference point to see what effect change has made.
bullet Process Flow: Diagram the flow of all the key processes in a company. This typically includes: order process, fulfillment process, inventory process, customer service process, and more.
bullet Work Flow: Diagram how things are done, like the movement of paper or information from one person to another. This may even include data typically found in time-motion studies.
bullet Data Analysis: Review or creation of a data dictionary and keywords. This type of data can come from databases, spreadsheets, documents (both electronic and paper), and verbal communications.
bullet Current & Strategic Data Planning: How is your data currently used? How does it need to change to improve Sales & Marketing? Where does your company want to be - short, medium, and long term?


Data Collection
One of the first steps in working with a company is to collect as much data as possible. BTA is very efficient at collecting data, both electronic and paper. Once collected, this data is organized and returned to the primary stakeholders for editing.
Data Analysis
Once data has been collected and edited, it can be analyzed. Part of the analysis is to determine how various data is being used and by whom. It is important for the analyst to understand how each user of data is interpreting that data. Once analyzed, a report is again provided to the primary stakeholders for editing.
Data Documentation
During every step in Data Services, documentation is supplied to the requestor. This has been a policy of BTA since its inception - that the customer always have the latest documentation. BTA does not wait until the end of a contract to provide documentation, we do it throughout the entire process.

Reference Accounts

Calyx & Corolla
For many years Calyx & Corolla had been collecting demographic data on its customers but had not created a data dictionary or significantly assessed its data. After creating a dictionary and doing an analysis, Calyx & Corolla was able to stratify its data and do a significantly better job of target marketing.
MV Bamboo
MV Bamboo has been storing most of its customer data in paper form and some in documents scattered in multiple computer systems (which is very typical of small companies). After analysis of this data, it was proposed that MV Bamboo improve their network and purchase a server where all of the customer data will be consolidated. This will not only improve Customer Service, but provide valuable data for proactive and targeted marketing.
Kaiser Permanente - PreTerm Birth Prevention Program
Dr. Donald Dyson, the Chief of Obstetrics in Kaiser Santa Clara, had theorized that proactively monitoring and training high risk pregnant women could reduce preterm births. An analysis was made of all the existing data that was available concerning women that might be at risk. The findings showed that critical data was stored in the main database and in primary and secondary paper charts. One of the initial steps was to collect all of this data into a new database so that dynamic assessments could be done, and selected women placed into the program.

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