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This is a brief description of our software service ...

bullet Software Inventory: Many companies, small, medium, and large, have only some idea of the software that is being run in their environment. In advance of changing any software, BTA likes to do an inventory first, and remove items that are not related to the business - approved by the business owner or primary stakeholder. This inventory acts as a baseline for future software purchases.
bullet Licenses, Upgrades, and Support: Many companies have no idea which PCs have real licensed software. Many also have no idea if software has been updated or upgraded and what support they have. BTA tries to collect and document all of this data so that informed decisions can be made.
bullet Software Risk Assessment: BTA works with the company they are consulting with and software suppliers to minimize the risk associated with out of service software products. In some cases this means moving to a new (supported) version of the product, and in other cases, it means buying an entirely new product.
bullet Improperly Used Software: With the advent of Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) and other regulatory bodies, how software is used becomes critical to a company. In the case of SOX, the old use of Excel prior to data going into the Accounting system is frowned upon if not illegal. BTA has worked with companies to improve the ways the use software both operationally and functionally.
bullet BTA & Developing Software: While BTA has developed software in the past, we have come to a point where almost all business applications have been developed, and we do not want to re-invent the wheel. What we prefer to do is work with companies to find the right software for the application and then help them install and train on it.


Software Inventories
While at Kaiser Permanente Medical, Bob (our founder) was a Senior National Project Manager for the Y2K project and subsequent dynamic software inventory projects. Through these experiences, Bob learned the true benefits of having and maintaining a software inventory. There is a direct correlation between non-inventory control and the number of maintenance calls. As software is controlled, the number of service calls significantly decreases.
Leading Versus Bleeding Edge Software
Most companies do not have the luxury of testing how a new piece of software will react with their other software. Generally when a major manufacture comes out with a new operating system or application, the assumption is that it should work with all other applications - this is generally NOT true. It is important that you test new software as much as possible before using it in your business environment. BTA has provided this service to a number of companies, and is constantly looking at and using new software to see how it might impact its clients.
Strategic Software Planning
In many businesses, the cost of software far outruns hardware and networking. Additionally, the impact of software can be much greater on a business than a change in hardware. For these reasons, it is important for companies to strategically plan for software migrations and purchases. BTA has worked with companies to create strategic plans which include the purchase, implementation, training, and project management for software.

Reference Accounts

Software Inventory
The use of SMS and MOM in very large environments like Kaiser Permanente, to controlled release in Calyx & Corolla. In small business environments, the lists are kept online or on and intranet site. In businesses like Standard Structures Inc., the software is released and updated centrally and only select individuals are given permission to run non-standard software.
Virtual Environment Software
As more companies move to having virtual employees, it has become easier to control software. BTA has set up some virtual companies using both banked and blade servers. In both of these cases, the virtual PCs were all configures the same. Testing new versions was simplified because all of the user software was the same.MV Bamboo is one of the more recent examples of a company with virtual connectivity.
Strategic Software Planning
BTA has worked with a number of companies like Standard Structures Inc., Calyx & Corolla, MV Bamboo and others on strategic software planning. Some of the typical questions that are addressed are: When do new features and functions warrant change? What is the impact of change? Can a positive ROI be attributed to change? None of these are in the snap-decision category, but require planning.

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