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This is a brief description of our computer hardware & network services ...

bulletNetwork Diagrams: Many small to medium companies have built their networks over time and in many cases, have little to no idea how it is configured. With new clients, BTA starts by creating an initial network diagram. This can then be used to identify weak areas or for troubleshooting. As changes are made, the network diagram is updated.
bulletHardware Utilization: Many companies have experienced the dreaded "system performance decrease" to the point of non-operation. In many cases, the solution has been to replace the system, which introduces a number of problems as well. BTA has worked with many companies to identify where hardware and network problems exist, documented these issues, and provided training to staffs to keep systems running better, longer.
bulletBackup & Recovery: The majority of small to medium companies that BTA works with start with having no Backup & Recovery plan. In addition, crucial company data is spread across multiple systems that have either infrequently or never been backed up. BTA works with companies to set up a consolidated data storage approach and follow that with daily and weekly backups.
bullet New Hardware & Network: As companies grow, their need for higher performance hardware and networks grows as well. BTA has worked with many companies to find the right, cost effective, solutions to their hardware and network needs.
bullet Strategic Plans & Change: BTA has worked with a number of companies to create their strategic hardware and network plans. By doing this, the companies can plan for capital expenditures instead of being surprised. As a company grows, they need to re-visit their strategic plan and see that it still matches their original projections - it is a good idea to do this once a year.


Moderate To Large Networks
BTA has recently been working with Our Lady of Loretto ( school in Novato on their almost 200 PC network. This started as a software repair issues and quickly turned into a full network documentation and re-design project. Bob (founder of BTA) has worked on networks with thousands or PCs and hundreds of servers, and is used to dealing with very complex issues.
Smaller Networks
MV Bamboo ( started as a single store and has grown to two stores and a warehouse. Strategic planning has included: VPN communications between all locations, a RAID 5 server at the corporate headquarters, and the ability of sales and installation staffs to remotely access systems to see schedules.
Backup & Recovery
For small companies BTA has trained staffs on how and where to store data so that it is easier to back up. For slightly larger companies, like Ketron Financial ( who have a small staff, but have to comply with SEC regulations, we installed a RAID 5 server and DVD backup. This system has gone >6 years without a data failure. In larger companies, BTA has recommended mirror systems and off site systems for backup, recovery, and continuous operating conditions.

Reference Accounts

Network Diagramming
Our Lady of Lorreto -
Strategic Planning
MV Bamboo -
Backup & Recovery
Ketron Financial -

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